Heitor Alvelos  artist, professor ENG PT
Manuele Bellini professor IT  
Cesare Belloni worker, philosopher ENG IT
Alessandro Cassin journalist, editor ENG  
Josef Cseres  philosopher of aesthetics ENG  
Tilman Ehrenstein medical doctor ENG  
Fabio Facchinettii medical doctor ENG IT
Marta Fernandes designer, professor ENG PT
Peter Frank curator ENG  
Diana Franssen  curator, researcher ENG DU
Gio Ferri poet IT  
Torsten H├Ągerstrand  geographer, professor ENG  
David Harper  curator ENG  
Susanne Leeb art historian DE  
Stephen Maine  curator ENG  
Marisa Negri  midwife ENG IT
Enrico De Pascale art historian IT  
Jurrie Poot  curator ENG DU
Nellie Rakovsky  art historian ENG  
Christiane Richter  medical doctor ENG DE
Kristine Stiles   art historian ENG  
Alain Touraine  sociologist ENG FR
Jiri Valoch   curator CZ  
Paul Virilio  urbanist ENG FR
Susanne Von Falkenhausen professor ENG DE
Makiko Matake art historian, curator JPN  
  Ung Vai Meng artist, museum director CHI  


Often, when I have had a stimulating conversation about my work with someone, I have asked her / him to write something down: no page limit, no deadline. Gradually as publication opportunities have arisen in the course of my career, I have used these pieces in catalogs and in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIVE TRANSMISSION, which in 2011 numbers four volumes. The following is a selection of these texts. 

Morgan O'Hara